soulja girl


Posted on: June 9, 2009

Some of you already know this but im quiting.

I might be on once in two months or something.

I just wanna say thank you to all my friends, you guys are amazing!

And have helped me throgh so much!

When i joined Pc i had NO idea i would make so many friends. 

Iv always had someone to talk to, and even though im quiting the game.

I dont wanna lose you guys so send me a message.

Love ya all! 🙂



Soo just a quick update more pages are gonna be coming soon and also some verry cool videos!

Luv ya!


Hello everyone this is Richard i havdnt been posting on other sites in a while lol anyway i have a very cool site it is called please visit its awessome!

Hey cazmos since i can not run this by myself with my busy schedule i got some help from Richdude! He roxs! and im sure he will helpo me out a lot ckeck out his site :



Berry i just wanna say that i feel awful about whats been happening and that you will be in my prayers EVRY day. i hope ya doing ok and im sure i can speak for us all when i say WE LOVE YOU!!!



[ little wolf ]: soulja girl
[ Soulja girl ]: yea??
[ kellieoxox ]: bak
[ little wolf ]: do you rup peanut butter on yourself?
[ little wolf ]: rub
[ kellieoxox ]: ooo i do
[ little wolf ]: lol jelly
[ Soulja girl ]: OF COURSE!

[ little wolf ]: i rub orange juice!

[ little wolf ]: pb and j are good for rubbing
[ little wolf ]: not eating

[ little wolf ]: eight hairs fall out of your hair every day?

[ little wolf ]: did you know potatoes are are actually manure?

Ok so some ppl have been thinking im sAcReD…..IM NOT.  ppl think that since i started going on again around the same time at sacred was gonna be gone for fourty days that im him. here are some things u otta read.

“Is it so hard to believe a bro and sis coud acually like the same website?”

“If sacred wasnt one of the more well-known cazmos would you make such a big deal out of it?”

“is it so hard to believe that with four computers in the house we could acually be on at the same time?”

im not gonna make a big deal out of this but i can tell sacred doesnt really like it. and I LUV all you guys! so i just felt i needed to settle that….or try to.


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  • Nanna Banana: Dang....I didn't know you quit...then again...I never really knew you...I'm Lord Nanners from PC. I just got to become an ambassador...It's really sad
  • Twinkles: cries..i miss you jagirl
  • Kitty: Aw, thank you!!